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Creating a smart city

Siemens Smart Buildings

How do you introduce the building of the future, today? 

The future of the intelligent home: Roundtable in association with Gira

As smart meters and wireless home systems grow in popularity, a diverse panel gathered to discuss the future of intelligent technology in the home.

In Smart Homes it's all connected

Smart Homes allow you to control major systems in your home, such as the security system's locks, alarms and cameras, as well as temperature and lighting through an automated, synchronized central system that is controlled by a smart phone or computer.

New Smart Home Tour

Take a tour around this new smart home without leaving the comfort of your own home and discover all of it's amazing features and tech...

Three Things To Know About Smart Buildings

Best-in-Class firms combine analytics with IoT sensors and equipment, optimizing facilities management operations, creating smart, connected building experiences.

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