Draka strengthens UC Connect System by launching the smallest OD 2- 24 fibre central tube cables in the market

Draka strengthens UC Connect System by launching the smallest OD 2- 24 fibre central tube cables in the market

Prysmian Group, the acknowledged world leader in optical fibre core and fibre optic cable manufacturing, has dramatically revised the design of the Draka E-Series fibre cables, which form part of the Draka UC Connect cabling system.  The central tube of up to 24 fibre family of cables now comes with a 20% reduction in outer diameters, making it the smallest cable available in its class.


The Draka E-Series suite of cables are also the only non-metallic cables with gel-filled tubes that carry Cca & B2ca CPR ratings. Having gel-filled tubes provides true internal and external water-blocking with increased robustness and immunity to mechanical and environmental effects.


During installation, the pulling process of optical cables can increase fibre strain, leading to more stress on fibres and ultimately reducing their operational lifetime.  To improve ease and reliability of installation, Prysmian has doubled the tensile strength of all the E-Series variants. The metallic armoured design has increased from 1,000 N to 3,000 N and the gel filled non-metallic armoured from 1,500 N to 3,000 N.


Martin Ashton, UK Sales Manager, explains “It is an exciting time for Draka.  This significant upgrade is part of an on-going commitment to ensure the UC Connect system comprises class leading cabling technologies with the full support of Prysmian Group.” Prysmian Group continues to invest heavily in Draka UC Connect cabling system research and development and into its advanced production technologies. 


The Draka E-Series portfolio includes internal and external and both non-metallic and metallic armoured central tube cables.  All cables meet the requirements of ISO 118011, EN 50173-1:2002, IEC 60794-1, TIA GR20, ICEA 640 and ICEA 696.


Draka UC Connect products are available through distribution partners: Comms Centre, Comtec, Dunasfern and Precision Cables.


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