Smart Building Expo 2019: Convergence in the digital era

Smart Building Expo 2019: Convergence in the digital era

Coming to Fiera Milano this November: the event dedicated to digital technologies for networked buildings and the smart city. Three days featuring the most innovative solutions, with updates for professionals. 

Months before it starts, expectations for the second edition of Smart Building Expo, the technological convergence exhibition scheduled to be held at Fiera Milano on 13 to 15 November 2019, are on the rise.

Organised by Fiera Milano and Pentastudio, and sponsored by the main industrial and professional associations, Smart Building Expo will be a unique occasion to review the development of the networked building market, which is currently undergoing a profound transformation. Integration is by now not just a technological requirement, but an essential need: we are witnessing a fully fledged smart revolution which, among the many applications of widespread connectivity, is profoundly transforming buildings and cities.

Smart Building Expo 2019, starting from home&building automation and system integration - the heart of the exhibition even in its first edition - is thus expanding its coverage to the smart city, with the strategic issue of 5G connectivity, as well as systems for the production of renewable power and energy efficiency upgradation.

The exhibition aims to present the market of digital infrastructure together with that of its applications to buildings and cities, starting from the common denominator - digital technologies - and branching out into its various embodiments, counting on the fact that strategic sectors like security are already amply represented by SICUREZZA, the main Italian and among leading European exhibitions for the security industry, which will be held at the same time. The synergies between the two exhibition - and their technologies and markets - consolidates their potential while offering advantages for professional users, who will be able to visit both and review their complementary and ever growing offerings.

Both will be showcasing the latest technologies, thanks to the already confirmed participation of the leading brands, as well as offering professional training and refresher courses for all technicians involved in the design and installation of building equipment.

Professional training is one of the priority attractions of Smart Building Expo, with a high level scientific programme arranged by the Steering Committee, which includes representatives of leading professional and academic bodies in the fields of building automation and telecommunications among its members. The Committee is already engaged, in this fast changing market scenario, in identifying the issues of greatest interest to all professional categories and positions in the networked building market.

The tip of the spear of the event will be the Milano Smart City Conference, sponsored by the Ministry for Economic Development and supported by the scientific participation of the Ugo Bordoni Foundation.

The Conference will consist of three intense working days, each of which will include an institutional morning session, with international keynote speakers of high scientific profile, and a more technical afternoon session with illustrations of best practice and scientific posters. Each day will feature a different verticalisation, inspired by three different operational focuses of the Italian Government: the digital infrastructure, smart city-enabling technology, with a particular emphasis on 5G; smart mobility and logistics, a moment of fusion between the virtuality of networks and the physicality of urban transport in the era of self-driving cars and e-mobility; urban security and monitoring, a predictive and soft response to the problems of urban areas in terms of security and territorial control.

The training programme, thanks to a rich offering of seminars and workshops, will cover every technological area of the exhibition, with different offerings for all professional profiles: from new domotics to active energy efficiency systems, along with smart applications for the office, retail and the startup ecosystem, which has become fertile ground for large companies looking for innovative solutions. Considerable attention will also be paid to the impact of technological innovation on the housing market and the digital revolution in infrastructure design, where BIM, BMS and BEMS will increasingly form the terrain for the emergence of new professional synergies.

A concrete proposal of the highest level, constructed in synergy with industrial bodies like the professional associations of architects and engineers of Milan and the Dipartimento ABC of Politecnico di Milano, which in many cases will enable designers, installers, system integrators, building administrators and real estate agents to obtain professional credits.

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