Case Studies

Smart Coloured Lighting

Smart lighting systems are a fun addition. Smart home products have taken the industry by storm over the past several years.

Termobuild redefines Smart Building Infrastructure

With office and commercial buildings accounting for 36% of total energy usage and 65% of electricity usage in United States, professional engineer Jack Laken P.Eng B.Sc is among those that agree that in order to achieve our quest for more sustainable and efficient economy, a better solution needs to be employed.

World’s most intelligent smart building

Meet the world’s most intelligent smart building: The Edge in Amsterdam

First-Ever Sports & Entertainment "Smart City"

Johnson Controls And Hall Of Fame Village To Create First-Ever Sports & Entertainment "Smart City" Featuring A Safe, Connected And Sustainable Environment

The Future Of Smart Power

Totem, Power, a New York start-up company, calls itself “v.” Totem proposes to build a network of devices that will bring zero emissions power, internet access, street lighting, energy storage, and EV charging stations to the smart cities of the future.

Smart Building Market Is estimated to expand at 30%

Smart Building Market Is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 30% from 2014 to 2020

Trend Controls’ BEMS helps McDonald’s meet its sustainability targets

McDonald’s has installed Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) from Trend Controls across 1,100 of its UK restaurants.

This sustainable new tech will make you see windows in a whole new light

The smart building tech industry is quickly expanding as more businesses and commercial spaces start paying attention to environmental concerns

Intelligent buildings - be smart about opportunities

What is an intelligent/smart building and why is their rise so important to the building services business?

An intelligent approach to intelligent buildings

Buildings in tomorrow's cities will share data on energy usage to improve efficiency.

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